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Solar Installation Services

Solar Installation Services in Central Coast & NSW

SIS Solar provides a range of solar energy products and services to residents and businesses across Sydney & NSW. As one of the leading solar companies in Sydney, we take great pride in helping people reduce their energy bills and take advantage of sustainable solar power solutions.

Solar energy is a smart choice for Australian households. Not only can you use our beautiful sunny climate to save money — you’re also investing in a cleaner future for generations to come by reducing your environmental footprint.

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Contact us to enjoy 100% inhouse engineering, design, installation and maintenance. Reduce operating expenses and environmental impact with SIS solar solutions.

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Our team of expert installers are all Clean Energy Council accredited and will install a solar system that’s built to last, whether you’re in Sydney or anywhere in NSW

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With more than two decades of solar industry experience, our team now specializes in solar repair and maintenance.

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We use only high quality, value for money products with LONG Warranties.

We are a business that plans to be around for many years to come so it’s just as important to us and our customers to only use high quality products that will stand the test of time. Our customers will benefit by having a reliable system that maximises savings for our customers through higher energy production, and our business will benefit by not having to pay our team to go back and replace products, making us a more profitable business.

Unfortunately 1000’s of solar companies have shut down because they have used cheap products to sell at a lower price. Then when they have issues with these products a couple of years later, they have to shut their business down as they cannot get back to all the customers to fix the issues they are having.

We have carefully selected 2 inverters and 2 panels that suit various budgets for our customers.

These 4 products also have longer than normal warranties for an extra layer of protection for our customer’s peace of mind. The most likely part of your system to fail in the future is your inverter as it has fans and moving parts. It’s very important you get an inverter that’s reliable with 10 yr (not 5) warranties. We have picked the 2 best in the world from a quality and value for money point of view.



We have installed 1000’s of Fronius inverters and have found them to be the best inverter in the world. They are made in Austria, and have been tried and tested to last in the harsh Australian climate. They come with a 5+5 year warranty for extra peace of mind
, and are ranked 1st in the world by clean energy regulators.

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The best value for money inverter on the market without jeopardising quality.
Even though manufactured in China, they are ranked 4th in world by the clean energy regulators and are ahead of some well known European made inverters.
They have a full 10yr parts and labour warranty and are a public listed company, meaning they are extra compliant with regulations and financial stability.

Trina 370w split cell mono panel

Trina is the most known and trusted brand in the world with a strong Australian Presence re customer service and a physical location here. This panel has the latest technology and one of the highest wattages on the market. Having 370w output in 1 panel means more energy produced over smaller roofspace. Long warranties also give peace of mind. Never had a problem with this brand and have installed 1000’s of these.

Longi 370w mojo panel

Longi recently broke the world record for having the panel with the highest efficiency rating, meaning more bank for your buck. Again the 370w panel is the most recently released panel so has the latest technology applied to it. Long warranties for peace of mind. Roof racking why we do it best Never had a problem with these and have installed 1000’s of them.

Don’t throw away your money to the electricity retailers. take control!

We believe in a future in which we use renewable energy sources to cover 100% of our global energy requirements