The Benefits of Powering Your Home With Solar

Making the decision to switch to solar energy as the source of power for your home is understandably a big one. One of the most commonly asked questions is “what are the benefits?”- an important factor when weighing up whether solar energy is the best option for your home. While a list of numerous benefits can be raised, here are our top 5 benefits of powering your home with Solar energy.

Renewable Source
A key point with solar energy is the fact of it being a renewable energy source. This means that this source of energy will never be depleted. In Australia, we are able to use sunlight as a means to power our homes every day of the year. In using the sun as a source of renewable, clean energy, we also lessen our impact on the use of other non-renewable sources, that being through the use of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and, petroleum).

Reduced Electricity Bills
Through making use of the cost-free sunlight that already bathes our homes everyday, we are able to significantly reduce our electricity bills. While the level of savings is dependent on factors such as the size of your solar panel system, your electricity and heating usage amounts each billing period and, whether you choose to install a storage battery, some people have reported reductions in their latest electricity bill as being up to 80% cheaper than their previous bill.

These savings are achieved through minimizing the need for your home to use grid energy- instead utilizing solar energy as your power source when applicable.

Excess Energy = Extra $$
Did you know that after installing a Solar Panel system onto your home, you may be eligible to sell any excess energy back to the grid? Rebate and Feed-In Tariff amounts do vary between states and territories and are governed by either the State or Federal Government. Check out this handy resource to compare your options between energy-providers in your area.

A Smaller Carbon Footprint
In comparison to traditional sources of energy, solar panels do not emit any greenhouse gases or carbon emissions. This is a fantastic win for our environment and an easy way to minimize your household’s carbon imprint on the environment.

Adding Value to your Home
With more and more people opting for greener energy options, the installation of a solar panel system onto your home can act as attractive selling point. With 3.5 million solar panels installed across Australia in 2017, there is a definite increase in demand for solar energy as a renewable energy source. In dealing with the challenges of the current real estate market, giving your home a competitive edge through the installation of a solar panel system can definitely act as an attractive feature to potential buyers.